Parsing ROAM into Text Blaze

It's great that Text Blaze is taking the lead in working with the growing band of Roam users. There are a number of text snippets that would be good to regularly use in Roam, such as checklists. These can be quite elaborate to code into markdown with keyboard commands. It would be helpful if there was a way of pasting Roam text that would automatically be rendered in Text Blaze.
Or maybe there's a way of doing that which I don't know about...

Hi @Kevin_Murray,

Can you give me a practical example please?

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A practical example would be a checklist:


Which would need to be parsed into "{{[[TODO]]}} One", etc.

Currently, there is no internal function for checklists in Roam, so there is potential to make them as snippets. Parsing in Text Blaze would facilitate this.

Got it. Let me have a word with @scott. I'm sure we can do something with this

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@Kevin_Murray - As you already know, we're currently working on some roam-friendly commands for Text Blaze.

But in the meantime, here's how you can do it:

Checklist{key:enter; trim=yes}
{key: tab; trim=yes}{{[[TODO]]}} One{key:enter; trim=yes}
{{[[TODO]]}} Two{key:enter; trim=yes}
{{[[TODO]]}} Three{key:enter; trim=yes}

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Thanks. Why {trim}?

Trim removes white spaces. Try it without and see what happens. Very handy setting, especially when you have {if} commands.

This video explains it in more detail: