Paste text by trimming or changing case

One advantage of TextExpander is the capacity to paste text in particular formats, such as joining lines (good for pasting from PDFs) and in different cases (Title, Sentence, lower case). Given the advantages of Text Blaze in other areas, this would seem a useful feature to add.

Hi Kevin,

Could you explain the pasting with joining lines feature a bit?

If I understand it correctly, it sounds like something that might be doable already in Text Blaze with:

{=replace({clipboard}, "\n", " ")}

We're in the process of launching support for controlling the snippet based on the capitalization of the shortcut. You can see the planned approach here:

That's impressive! I didn't know Text Blaze could do this.

Could the clipboard snippet also be triggered so that it pastes as all caps, sentence, title or lower?

Text Blaze has a lot of options to transform text in formulas. For example if you wanted to past in upper or lowercase:



Here's a list of supported functions:

Text Blaze doesn't have functions for title case or sentence case at this point. You could theoretically write versions of those within the formula language.

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That's great. I'm going to be advocating in forums for Text Blaze from now on as the better text expander and am switching from TextExpander.
I'm not sure I have the brain-width to write formulae for title or sentence case. But I would certainly applaud anyone who could write and share them.

Thanks Kevin!

I do think it make sense to add some form of title case function directly to Text Blaze. We'll look at adding a version of Excel's proper() function which is not exactly a title casing function (it will capitalize short words like "an" or "the" which normally wouldn't be capitalized when titlecasing) but comes reasonably close:


@scott this would be awesome. I've got so many pdf's that I'd love to convert into a google doc for the sake of easier reading.

That'd be a really helpful function. Glad to hear you're considering it. Thank you.

Hi Scott, is this PROPER() function working in TextBlaze or any ETA for this? Thanks

EDIT: Looks like its working. Thank you

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