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I am having fun with Text Blaze!

What I want to do are "typo" corrections as follows ... but if I type both snippets in they are classed as duplicates. Can anyone enlighten me as to how I get a first letter CAP (for the start of a sentence) vs no-CAPS (for a mid-sentence insertion)?

dth => do this here (use case: "I want to do this here.")
DTH => Do this here (use case: "Do this here, to accomplish the following ...")

Thanks in advance.

Hi Damian,

This isn't currently possible as snippets are case insensitive.

We got a detailed feature request for capabilities that would support this and it's something we plan to add down the road.

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Thanks for the reply.

I know Microsoft Word adjust automatically for the start of a sentence.

Or you could go with WTH => "WHAT THE HECK", Wth => "What the heck" and wth => "what the heck"

I would also be interested in full user control using something like an IF statement check on the text input characters:
IF {input = lower case} "what the heck"
ELSEIF [input = upper case} "What the heck"
ELSEIF {input = sentence case} WhAt ThE HeCk

That's a very interesting idea. We could support it without adding any options/complexity to the UI.

Maybe the {snippet} command could be extended. Add another option like {snippet: trigger} that would get you the case sensitive text that triggered the snippet.

What do you think?

I think your solution has potential and I reviewed the snippet command again. Although I used to be a software engineer, I am not seeing the solution in my mind as yet. :grinning: Can you expand with an example please? Use my "wth" example?

You would use it something like this:

{if: {snippet: trigger} == lower({snippet:trigger})}what the heck{elseif: {snippet:trigger} == upper({snippet:trigger})}WHAT THE HECK{else}What the heck{endif}

(doesn't work yet as {snippet: trigger} doesn't exist -- and {snippet: shortcut} refers to the canonical shortcut, not what was actually typed)

Oh yeah!!!! That'll do it.:grinning:

Not done yet! ... what else do you have to do now that we have COVID-19??? :grimacing:

I'll look forward to seeing it in the future. Thanks for taking my feedback and humoring me on the solution. :+1:

This would be a really good feature. The {snippet: trigger} variable would be useful and a great idea. I think it would also be benefical to have a checkbox for the autocase feature, too, of course (similar to other text expanders), so that it's very quick to enable these when adding snippets.

Just to close this thread out, the feature described above has launched. The docs have an example here:

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Wow! So nice! Thank you very much.