Pasting formatted text in google sheets

I have a couple of snippets created to add language to Google Sheets. In general, they work fine, except I can't get the formatting of the words to stick.

For example: /test will add the language "this is just a silly test" to a cell.

However, I would like the text to be bold and red. It works when I test the snippet in the dashboard, or when I use them in Gmail. But I just can't get it to work on Google Sheets.

I realize that since the snippet works in Gmail, this is most likely a Google Sheets issue, rather than a Blaze issue, but was wondering if someone could help me.

Thank you!

Hi @Alba - welcome to the forum.
I'm afraid that this is a Google Sheets issue. You can try this workaround, which is a little scrappy. Let me know if it works:

{key: enter}{key: uparrow}Formatted text goes here

Hi @Dan_Barak1 ,

Thank you for the quick reply!! Your workaround works well. Unfortunately, it deletes everything else that already exists in the cell, which is not an option for me.