Pasting into multiple cells

Is it possible to paste snippets into multiple cells in a spreadsheet? IE... a product name in one cell and a number in the cell beside it?

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hey @Strange_Glen -- welcome to the community.

Yes, this is possible through autopilot features. Basically, you'd put the data that you want in the first cell into the snippet as text, then you'd have an autopilot keypress command to press tab to move the next cell, then the text for the next cell, and so forth. You may need to do some experimenting to make sure that it works exactly as you need it to.

Here's a snippet that works for me for putting text into 3 neighboring cells in Google Sheets:

data for the first cell{key: tab}data for the second cell{key: tab}data for the third cell


That worked perfectly! Once I update all of my product snippets with their prices I will never have to manually enter them again. Thank-you is an understatement. You just completely levelled up my work flow!!!!

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