Persistent Font Style Selection in Snippets

Hello Text Blaze Community,

I'd like to propose an enhancement to Text Blaze that allows users to set a default font style and size for their snippets. This feature would ensure that the selected font remains consistent across all snippets, reducing the need for manual font adjustments and improving workflow efficiency.

Personally, I prefer using Verdana as my default font. However, when inserting snippets, I often forget to change the font, which requires manual review and correction, consuming valuable time.

By implementing this feature, Text Blaze could remember the user's font selection and automatically apply it to newly created snippets. This would streamline the snippet creation process and maintain a uniform appearance throughout.

I believe this enhancement would benefit many users who value consistent formatting in their text expansion tasks.

Thank you for considering this proposal. I look forward to hearing feedback from the Text Blaze community.

Hi Tania! Welcome to the Forum :wave:

I think this is a great idea. To ensure I am understanding clearly, you'd like to be able to select your own default font/size/color and have all newly created snippets use this default font moving forward?

One thing many users have done successfully is set the default font to whatever they want it to be in the app they are inserting snippets into (ie Gmail, Outlook, etc). For example, you could set the default font in Outlook to Verdana and then whenever you insert a snippet, it will automatically be in Verdana font. Hope that is helpful for now!

Thanks for the warm welcome and for addressing my question!

To explain a bit more, I'd like to be able to set a default font and size for all new snippets created in TextBlaze, so that they always use our standard font, Verdana. This would help keep our content consistent, especially since we have different team members creating snippets.

I tried using a snippet with a different font in Front (our current tool where the font is Verdana), but unfortunately, the snippet still appeared with the font from TextBlaze. So, the suggestion you gave doesn't work for us.

Is it possible to make this change in TextBlaze? I would really appreciate your help with this.

Thank you so much for your assistance and response!

Best regards,


Hi Tania. I just signed up for a demo Front app instance and I can confirm your observation that the Verdana font selection does not transfer into the inserted Text Blaze snippet.

Just to confirm: this is the editor you're using, right?


I see that the problem is that Front app resets the selected font to the default font when we clear all text in the editor. So you can replicate the problem yourself, by:

  1. typing text and setting the font to Verdana
  2. clearing the text and noticing the font switches back to Sans-Serif
  3. now if you paste any plain text it will be in Sans-Serif

To fix the problem: I saved my Verdana default style in Front app by using this button here:


and used the Default font style in the Text Blaze snippet, see here:


and then my inserted snippet was also in Verdana. Let me know if it works for you.

Thank you for looking into this and sharing your findings.

Yes, I am indeed using the editor shown in the image you provided.

I appreciate you outlining the steps to save the Verdana default style in Front app and then applying the Default font style in Text Blaze. However, even after making these adjustments, the font selection still defaults to the system font when creating a new snippet. The solution you suggested unfortunately did not resolve the issue in our case.

I'm wondering if there might be another workaround or setting that could ensure the default font carries over consistently when creating new snippets. If you have any further insights or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you again for your help and for exploring this matter with me.

Best regards,


Thanks for confirming. Are you available to jump on a call to resolve this issue? You can reach me directly at

I will send you an E-Mail!

As discussed on the call, we need to ensure to have "Default" selected as the font in the Text Blaze Snippet, from the font menu:


Thanks again. Please feel free to continue the discussion here with any additional insights.