Pick from drop down list of shortcuts

It would be great to be able to pick from a drop down list of existing shortcuts saved on file instead of having to remember them all. For example, if I have 3 shortcuts /email-reminder or /email-confirmation or /email-cancel

if I type in /email- it would be nice if I got a list of the shortcut names on file to pick from. Magical does something similar to this and its very useful when you have a lot of shortcuts.

Hi and welcome!
What if you instead created a snippet that was just /email, and then had a dropdown menu inside this snippet where you choose between the three options?

Text Blaze has an assistant that let's you quickly view and search your shortcuts from any page.

Click the Text Blaze icon in the Chrome toolbar bar to bring up the assistant and start searching. You can also trigger it using a keyboard shortcut so you fingers never have to leave a keyboard.

Here's a video overview of how to use the assistant:

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I was actually wondering about the assistant that was released as a beta function to some of the users. It did create a list of possible snippets that matched what you started typing in. The function was super-cool and I miss it a lot (I recently lost the access to my original account, where this was available). Is this option still somewhere on your roadmap for everyone to use or have I lost it forever? :frowning:

Hi Gabriela, That's something we're still experimenting with. However we think the assistant is probably a better approach.

Could you share why you preferred the in page popup over the assistant? The assistant can be opened with a keyboard shortcut so your fingers never need to leave the keyboard to use it.

I think it may be just a preference.

Here's the way I used it:
I work in translation industry, I have a Client who translates their text into 3 languages and the instructions are language-specific and task specific.
Which means that my Client has a set of 6 different instructions, 6 different snippets.
All the snippets have similar shortcuts:

So, whenever I needed the specific instruction I would type: "/datablaze" and press the snippet I needed. And as my laptop screen is a touch screen - going from the keyboard right to the screen was just a quick movement (no searching for the mouse involved).

So now I am left with either remembering the snippets or using the assistant (I'm probably just not used to is yet).

However, I may actually use the piece of advise and the idea that @benjamin.tolfsen mentioned. If I nest all the options as a drop-down menu within the main snippet, then I could probably change the shortcut to /clientname :slight_smile:

So that is not an issue really, I just got used to the beta version so much :slight_smile:

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