Plans for Data Blaze?

Just found Text Blaze and am really enjoying the interface and functionality. I noticed there is another product called Data Blaze that looks very similar to Airtable.

No pricing for Data Blaze yet I assume because of it being in beta. Will Data Blaze and Text Blaze be sold separately or will the Text Blaze pro accounts include Data Blaze?

Not sure about building a lot of solutions for my team in it if we will have to move when the pricing kicks in.

Hi @CaptainTime, today Data Blaze is entirely free, and so is writing data to Data Blaze from a Text Blaze snippet.
Reading and updating Data Blaze data from a snippet is only available on the Pro/Business plan.

We don't know how pricing will change in the future, but we expect that basic Data Blaze usage will remain free forever (potentially with some restrictions) and that the Pro plan will cover advanced usage of both Text Blaze and Data Blaze.

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