Please give us feedback on this new command editor!

Hi Blaze Users!

We're experimenting with revamping the snippet editing to make snippets that use dynamic functionality like the {time} or formula commands easier edit.

Basically, we are planning on going from this:


To this:

Under the hood, commands will still be text like they were before. If you preferred editing the text form of a command, you can double click on a chip to toggle it back and forth between the original text and the new chip.

We are launching this new editing experience on the community forums and the documentation site first in order to get feedback before launching it in the dashboard. Please try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Here is a mini-example for you to play with (if you don't see the chips, try reloading this page once or twice to make sure you get the updated code).

Price ($): {formtext: name=price; default=5000}
Tax Rate (%): {formtext: name=tax; default=12.5}
Total Cost: {=price * (1 + tax/100); format=$,.2f}

{key: tab}{key:enter}

On the surface it seems simple enough, and perhaps maybe a little more user-friendly. To get a better handle on this, and understand the “why” behind the experimenting, I’d be curious as to what prompted this change. User stories and/or feedback? Software changes? I certainly respect if that kind of info is not shareable.

All the best,

@Brad_Hedinger - it's a mix of things. One of the main reasons is that we want to lower the barrier of entry for new users. When someone is coming to Text Blaze for the first time, we don't want them to be put off by all of the programming syntax. They need to be able to look at a snippet and get a grasp of what it does as quickly as possible. This is obviously based on user feedback :slight_smile:

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I am totally with you on that. Thank you for considering my question and elaborating on the story. It really helps!

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I think this would be a great addition that would lower the barrier for entry, but also allow more experienced users to start with something basic and advance the aspects of the steps in the future. 100% would like to see this implemented.


Hi @Devon_Schronce,

I definitely agree with you. While we're on the topic, could you tell me a bit more about what level of usage you have in Text Blaze? Namely, what kind of commands do you use? Is there anything in particular that you've found too challenging?

I'm asking because this ties into making the experience more intuitive.