Please, help me complete the 6 tasks

I have completed 5 out of the 7 tasks. But, not able to do one more. How to complete the task " Use at least seven different types of replacement commands each at least once (currently you've used four:{formtext}, {formmenu}, {=}, {time})"?

please help.

thank you.

I am not able to complete the last task because there is no share button.

Merve, please ensure your have read our community guidelines. Your post above violates the first tenant that "This is a Civilized Place for Public Discussion" and contains ad hominem attacks. I have edited your post to remove this and bring it inline with the guidelines, but a second offense will result in a ban from these forums.

To answer your questions,

  • The easiest way to experiment with different replacement commands is to add them from the bar at the bottom of the snippet editing window. I also recommend you read the documentation linked to above that describes all the different replacement commands and what you can do with them. All the documentation pages contain examples you can copy to Text Blaze easily and test out. This will let you quickly reach the target of trying 7 commands.
  • The Share option is available on the snippet group page. To access it, click a group in the side bar and the click the "Sharing" tab.

As a reminder the tasks are 100% optional, you can dismiss the tasks permanently at any time by clicking the dismiss button under the task list.