Possible to pull from company's database instead of DataBlaze?

I currently export a CSV from my company's main database and put it on Data Blaze, and then pull from DataBlaze into my templates. But this means the info in Data Blaze isn't live and I have to regularly pull a new report from the main database, reformat it, upload, etc. What would it take for Text Blaze to be able to integrate directly with my company's main database? I am currently being asked to submit a tech/systems wishlist at work, but I don't even know what to ask for in this case. And I'm not sure if it's something that would need to change about the company database, Text/Data Blaze's capabilities, or both.

Can you share what database software you use?
Data Blaze has an API. You could ask your IT team to create a job that automatically updates Data Blaze using the API.

Sure, it's this one: Title Management Enterprise - Firebrand Technologies