Prefill form with data already in table

Our company has been trying to find a tool that does this but, it has been very difficult. But, we have data entry employees who currently just use Google Sheets, but would like to move them to a clearer and more focused front end UX, was hoping the prefill solution would work but, looks like it's not quitte what we are looking for.

Our workers task is to take the information in Column A for example, and use that information in column A to fill the rest of the. row to completion.

For example, lets say column A is a list of different animals, the other columns they need to fill in the row are attributes they must fill in using Column A's prefilled information.

So If row 1 in column A said Zebra, they would mark under column B which is markings Striped, Column C which is color B&W etc.
Then they would move to row 2 column A is prefilled with Giraffe, column B is Spotted, Column C is Orange/Yellow

We would like to create a form that's easy for them to fill in their data necessary from provided info which would be presented as a different prefilled title for each form.

Hey Henk, welcome to the community!

This sounds like something that would be doable via Data Blaze, but I think I need more context to really help you out. Could you send me an email at so we can set up a time to discuss this together over a video call? That way I can get all the specifics of how you'd want this to work and can help walk you through it.

If we come up with anything really cool, we can share that back here in the Community.