Prevent snipped firing in Google Sheets formula bar?

I have a snipped that I use to convert <> to ≠ . I like not having any special identify characters (i.e. / <> ) as it means i just type as normal and it gets nicely corrected.

However, when typing formula's in Google Sheets, I don't want this to fire (for formula to work it needs to stay as <> ).

One workaround is to have the ≠ snippet set to need a space before it (i.e. snippet trigger not set to 'anywhere', but this isn't preferable for me and I wonder if there is another way?

Hi @Martin_Hill,

site command allows fetching information about current webpage. That way you could conditionally replace <> with when snippet runs anywhere except

<> shortcut with content below should work for your use case:

{if: {site: domain}=""}<>{else}≠{endif}

You can find more information about site command in our docs.

Awesome, thanks Mansur - Text Blaze has thought of it all, I continue to be impressed!