Prevent TB From Executing Shortcuts / Hotkeys

Hello Blazers! Speaking specifically about Salesforce Lightning here. Salesforce Lightning has about 20 shortcut keys out of the box. The letter "o" key is a shortcut in Salesforce to open Omni Channel. This explains why so often, my users report issues with Omni Channel seemingly opening at random while a snippet is running. This could happen anytime a snippet simulates pressing the letter "o". Could be when the snippet is filling something out, or selecting something from a list. Problem is, when that happens, focus is shifted to the Omni Channel pop up window. That spins things out of whack. Anyone have a way to prevent this from happening, without disabling shortcuts at the Salesforce tenant set up level? Is there a way to force or restrict Auto Pilot commands to defined fields perhaps?

Here is a .gif of the issue in action. You will see that :04 in, while Auto Pilot is simulating typing to find an item in a list, when it gets to pressing the "o" key, the Omni Channel window pops up at the bottom left of the screen.


UPDATE: I found a workaround. If I make the Auto Pilot key presses forced to be capitalized, {key: shift-o} instead of {key: o}, then the shortcuts / hot keys are not triggered. This is good news for the moment, but not a viable long term solution.