Private Notes Feature Grouped with Snippets

Hello everyone,

  • PRIVATE NOTES, below the snippet

As a newcomer here, I am not sure if private notes exist or where to find them.

I often create snippets related to private conversations or personal experiences. It is crucial for me to have a basic overview of the context of the snippet to fully comprehend its meaning. In addition, I need to have a section where I can record additional information that might not fit into the snippet. For instance, when matching a person in a project with particular skills and background, I might want to consider but not include in the snippet some details about their work history, qualifications, skills, and abilities. These details are not necessary in the snippet but can provide a bigger picture for the suggestion (reason for inserting the snippet in the first place) AND also the follow-up interaction with the snippet receiver (else, i am scrambling to remember some background context, sometimes weeks later).

To address this issue, I propose having a PRIVATE NOTES section grouped with the snippet. This section would give me a quick snapshot of the snippet in various situations such as accommodation suggestions, retail shop and restaurant experiences (e.g., who was good at the store to speak to).

Thank you.

Hi @Reg Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Are you looking for the {note} command? Its contents are shown but not inserted into the final snippet.


Hi Gaurang -
Thankyou for the answer - i tested and that's the one - perfect.
Thanks for getting back to me on this!