Problem wit Mac and Iphone

Today when I copy a text from my dashboard in Cyrillic and post it in my Mac notes or My message on my iPhone instead of the Cyrillic alphabet I get strange characters can you please help this is the text in Bulgarian

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but comes on like this

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Hi @HELP4BG_LTD and welcome to the forum?
Are you simply copying from one place and pasting in the other? Is Text Blaze used in the process?

Yeas I simply copy from from my dashboard from my computer and then I past in my I message . I have been doing this for ages with no issue, but is started happening today I just updated my Iphone to 17.4.1. It is only with Blaze not other things. I contacted apple they have told me that it should be something with Blaze.

@HELP4BG_LTD please email us at Text Blaze doesn't work on mobile devices, so I'm not sure how this is related to Text Blaze, but would love to help you figure this out.