Pulling part of a data blaze table into a snipper

So I work seeing patients
I am very happy I was able to set up a data blaze table so I can quickly pull in patient responses to an intake survey into a data blaze table.
Then I can use a custom list snippet to load in the answers into my snippet for a new patient visit or a return visit without having to retype most of the info!
But I set up on of the columns as a list of patient diagnosis and since the intake has certain selections, I just make the field into a a multiple select list with items like "high blood pressure" or "anxiety/depression"

When I pull this into my snippet with multiple selections, I understand it comes up with this extra brackets and quotes

Assessment: Age: 38 year old Male- with comorbidities of ["Liver disease including fatty liver", "Pre-diabetes"], ["High Blood Pressure", "Abnormal cholesterol", "Heart Disease", "Sleep apnea, insomnia, or other sleep problems"

anything I can add to the snippet to remove the [" around the items "]

I imagine its a simple fix but can't seem to get it to format correctly, would love anything so I don't have to manually remove the [" from my final note!

Text Blaze has been amazing in improving my productivity. The only thing it can't do so far is convince my job to formally replace text expander! people keep complaining they have to manually calculate BMI and I'm like---well...I can do that in my text blaze and IT has no interest. Very sad.

I used text expander a lot in a prior job and that kind of formula such as calculating a bmi is something I asked for back in like, 2012?

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Hey @David_Feig ,
When the column is multiple field, the value would be a list.
So you can use join to display it in a friendly format.

Please check the explanation here, for similar case.

Something like this

{dbselect: SELECT Name, Multiple FROM Table1; space=id; menu=yes}
Values = {=join(multiple, "BLAZE_AND")}