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Hello all,

I am new to Text Blaze. I would like to know if we are creating text blaze snippets (Templates), and after using the commands for such snippet, a pop-up window appears on Text Blaze or on Google Docs form wherein information is inserted to create a final document. Whether such information of clients updated in the Snippets on Text Blaze or Google Docs is saved on Text Blaze Servers?

If some one can address this would be of great help.

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Santosh Shah

Does this FAQ help?

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Hi Graham Jones,

Thanks for the revert. While your link is helpful in general, my query is more specific to information given after creating snippets to generate a document or automated email to any client. Whether such information will also be saved in Textblaze.

Eg: i create a snippet for a sample agreement on Text blaze. And to generate the agreement for a client say ABC Pvt ltd, i keen the details of client on the standard snippet to generate a word agreement, whether all details of client entered for ABC Pvt ltd in the agreement will be saved on Text blaze server?

Hi Santosh, as we discussed in the support email thread yesterday, any details that you enter into a form field when executing your snippet do not leave your computer. Please feel free to reach out in case of further questions.