Referencing a Google Sheet and/or Running Complex Formulas

Hi TB Community!

I have a little bit of a more complicated question

Through the different entries in my already created snippets, using different property data, I am hoping to have Textblaze be able to run a "cash-on-cash return" calculation. This calculation would be based on/utilizing the "underwriting" spreadsheet linked below.

  • Is there some way to have Textblaze actively enter data into this google sheet, and then pull/read the resulting calculation number?
  • Should I attempt to enter this spreadsheet into Datablaze? If yes, any suggestions on how to go about completing that? (considering I am not technically versed in spreadsheets/programming)(I have tried importing as CSV, but of course it didn't really work, since it is a complex spreadsheet)

I am open to any suggestions :grinning:

Here is the link to the underwriting sheet:

Some notes/caveats:
*I typically only use the "Market" column, within the spreadsheet (so I do not need to run info through the "current" columns)
*Only the fields in "yellow" need to be/can be edited

Thank you So Much,

Hi @ajduna7,

I looked into using the Google Sheets API to update and read data, but trying to implement it from scratch in a Text Blaze snippet seems very complex. Since the calculation involves only four rows, I recommend using tables and formulas within the Text Blaze snippet itself to achieve the same functionality. If you need further assistance with this, please let me know.

I have created a snippet for an example.

Current Market Unit Type
{formtext: name=current1} {formtext: name=market1; default=$1,123} {formtext: name=unit_type1; default=1b/1b}
{formtext: name=current2} {formtext: name=market2; default=$1} {formtext: name=unit_type2; default=1B/1B}
{formtext: name=current3} {formtext: name=market3; default=$1,100} {formtext: name=unit_type3; default=2b/1b}
{formtext: name=current4} {formtext: name=market4; default=$1,150} {formtext: name=unit_type4; default=2b/1b}

Thank you for looking into this Ashwin! In my case, I would actually have to alter/edit most of the yellow cells within the previously linked spreadsheet

How would you recommend going about programming Textblaze to have the mathematical capabilities that mimic the spreadsheet?