Regular Calendly users - requesting your feedback on a new integration 😉

I'm sure we have several users who would be using Calendly to schedule their meetings regularly. What do such folks think of the following method to generate your single-use scheduling links?


To describe, I have a snippet named /meet which is integrated with Calendly (Note: the integration is currently unreleased and still in early testing). In the snippet, I only need to specify the event for which I need the meeting link. The integration automatically generates a single-use meeting link for that event.

I'm curious to know if regular Calendly users find this useful. Please let us know if this is useful for you, as that will help us determine whether there is enough demand for such an integration. Also, please post your feedback if you feel anything could be improved in this workflow.


I would use it :slight_smile:

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This is great integration. I do not use Calendly much, may not be useful for me.
However, I like the idea of having similar inbuilt integrations of various other useful apps.

I use Quickchart alot wherein we create charts and visuals using its using URL parameters. This is just for information :wink:

Haha :slight_smile: I would love to hear more about the kind of integrations you'd like to see with Quickchart. And if you are able to connect me with other like-minded users who would also be interested in using such an integration, then I might as well attempt making it :wink: Feel free email me about this.

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Thank you for your thoughts on this. I am not really sure who else is using Quickchart. I will take some time to think if there are any other such apps which will be useful for everyone if integrated in textblaze.

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