Remove the yellow highlighting for the {click} website command

Hi there,

Love text blaze. While using for work - the yellow highlighting on my screen can be distracting when using the click command. Can this be turned off or less yellow? That would be a nice feature for me.

Also it would be a great feature if you could use if /else logic for the click command...for example if this button exists, click it - else click this different button. Maybe this does already exist though?



Hi @Charlie_Blaze
The yellow highlight should only show up when setting up the click command, i.e., when configuring the page entity, it should click. It shouldn't show up any other time.
If your experience is different, please let us know.

You can try to use the iserror function like this:

{if:iserror({click: selector=???})="no"}{click: selector=???}{endif}

You can use the {site} command instead to check for existence of the element, and then click if it exists:

{if: not iserror({site: selector=example})}{click: selector=example}{endif}

Though this does not work in more complicated snippets.

The click command with selector is still a very new feature. I would love to understand your workflow, and also help you improve it so that you can save more time. Would you be available to discuss your workflow over a call? You can reach me at

Ya'll are amazing. And @Gaurang_Tandon I may have to take you up on that opportunity to call.

Keep it up.


Great, feel free to email me at and we can set up a call.

Moved this to Feature Ideas as per our discussion. Also, the {site} command did not work for your use case because the elements appear after the multi-step interaction starts, rather than being fixed from the beginning.