Remove underscoring from hyperlinks (URL's)

Hi, I would love to be able to remove the underscoring from the hyperlinks I include in my snippets. This is purely for aesthetics rather than function. I’m wanting my snippets to look more like this:

Rather than this (which is how they currently look):

I've only been using Text Blaze for a week and already it's saved me so much time!
~ Bec

Hi @Bec_Dawson Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

The exact formatting of the links depends on the target website, and it is not something that we can control. For example, it might format differently in Gmail vs in LinkedIn. Are you suggesting that the formatting of the links when inserted from the snippet is different from the link formatting in your target website? If you can give me an example, I can also test it on my end.


Hi Gaurang, thank you for your quick reply. I initially emailed Text Blaze support and was told this feature isn't available so I should post a request on here...
Both the screenshots are taken from emails sent from my PMS, Splose. Hyperlinks have never been underscored in Splose (as per the first screenshot) and even though on my Text Blaze dashboard the links are underlined in the snippet, the lines disappear when I insert the snippet into Splose. When the email is opened by the receiver however the lines are shown again.

~ Bec

Hi @Bec_Dawson , thanks for the clarification. Just to reiterate once, as of now, we do not add/remove underlines on the link. The underlining is specific to where the link is displayed, so on some websites the link may be underlined, and on others it may not be underlined.

That said, I want to understand your request more clearly. Do you want to remove the underline for yourself only (that is, just when it is visible in the dashboard), or do you also want to remove the underline for all the recipient of the email as well?

Hi again @Gaurang_Tandon, ideally I'd like it to be removed for the recipient of the email. When I used to email the same information via a template in my Practice Management Software the hyperlinks were blue but not underlined. I just think it makes readability a bit easier that's all :blush:

~ Bec