Retrieve data from website

Good day,

We use different County websites and I want to retrieve some data when I use the website, the feature is not allowing me to select specific text such as the address or name, and I'm unable to highlight them is there a way I can filter the highlighted part of the website so it puts the information I want?

Hi @jfierro,
You can use text manipulation functions to extract the text you need. Specifically, extractregex could work here:

IRVING, TX 75063-0000

Property Site Address:
more text"}
{=extractregex(text,"^Address:\n([\n\S\s]*)\nProperty Site Address:")}

If you need help creating the regex, feel free to reach out.

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Thank you for the response I was looking for a more automated way is there a way I can use the website feature along with the extractregex so it automatically retrieves this data?

Yes. Just replace text in the extractregex command with your website selector:

{=extractregex(<paste your selector here>,"^Address:\n([\n\S\s]*)\nProperty Site Address:")}

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Awesome! Thank you for your help.