Right click menu not working with TinyMCE

We use TinyMCE's editor for some of our custom online tools. When I right click inside one of those editors, the Text Blaze menu does not show up. However, it did work when I tried some of the demos set up on TinyMCE's website and it also worked when I tested a couple of other RTEs.

Has anyone run into this before and figured out a fix?


@Bob_Charpentier many apps have their own right-click menu that supersedes the standard menu. Text Blaze will only appear in the standard menu, not the special per-app one. To the best of my knowledge, there isn't a workaround for that. You can still insert snippets via their shortcut or the assistant window.

I did a little digging and I think the problem is that the TB right click menu only works when one of the premium plugins is enabled. I'm looking for a way to test that and will report back here if I can determine if that really is the case.