Right to left support

Seems like "right to left" languages like arabic and hebrew are not supported. Any workarounds?

I am not very familiar with RTL support but am happy to add it if possible.

Could you post some examples explaining where RTL support is missing (what happens today in Text Blaze vs what you would expect).

RTL support means being able to add a writing direction from right to left. This is very common in WYSIWYG editors. Basically it adds a style to a div or paragraph "direction:RTL".
This make the paragraph render correctly for Right to left languages. Usually the icons used is this https://images.app.goo.gl/rX1Jqr7a3cxQtq2g6
Today, in text blaze you can't set it up in the editor, so when using a RTL paragraph in text blade it will render the periods and commas at the line beginning. You can also add HTML editing possibilityas a workaround

So our editor (Quill) appears to have support for RTL support (see the third example here in the large top carousel here https://quilljs.com/) and it is something we could explore enabling.

However, when I click the RTL button in there demo nothing appears to happen. Does something happen if you use it on our computer?

You need to have a paragraph selected.
Try the following Hebrew text to see the difference:
זוהי דוגמא לשימוש בטקסט מימין לשמאל. אם משתמשים במספרים כמו 12345 בתוך הeditor אז רואים את ההבדל.

Just an update that we are looking into this and hope to add support for it.

If you need help, let me know. I can also help with programming if needed...

I've implemented a version of RTL support but haven't released it as I am seeing some strange behavior when testing it. I am not sure whether this behavior is expected or not.

Ram, do you have time for a video call to go over the functionality? I can run the behavior by you to see if it is correct or not. Shoot me an email scott@blaze.today if you are available.