Run routine at specific time in specific website at specific time of day?

This is for the Roam Research users again - I have a daily page template that I manually run every morning. I'm wondering if it's possible to program Textblaze to run a script every day on its own at a specific time? Ideally in the background but I guess it could also "take control of the computer" if it were run while I was sleeping or similar?


This isn't possible currently.

Could you tell me a bit more about the use case?

Since Roam starts every day on a new date (dailypage), most people like to input a base-template to start their day. Unfortunately, this has to happen manually right now. I guess a script might look like:

At 5 AM, open and Run Script.

Thanks, that makes sense.

Long term, we do want to support such automation use cases. It's not in the near term though.