Salesforce Lightning Command Pack

I would love to see a Command Pack for Salesforce Lightning. Thinking about abilities to interact with Contact, Case, Messaging and Email Template objects, records, etc. There are a tremendous amount of custom fields that Users have depending on what their Org has set up with Salesforce. But, the framework and objects are pretty straightforward across the board. I think a challenge might be Salesforce’s proprietary language that they use. However, their HML (Handlebar Markup Language) is pretty easy to interact with.

Hi @Brad_Hedinger Thanks for the suggestion.
How would you use the command pack? Would you read information from Salesforce and use it in a snippet in some other app? Update information in Salesforce while using a snippet?

Apologies for the delayed reply @Dan_Barak1.

Use cases would be reading info from Salesforce and using it in Office365 Excel. But, I think actually using it within Salesforce itself would be the more powerful application. It is very challenging to extract data from Salesforce via regex and site selectors because the names and locations of objects changes depending on how the user got to the page that the info is located on. This was very easy with Salesforce Classic but since Lightning, it is very unpredictable.

Upvoting. I have admin powers, so regex works and won't change on me without me knowing, but anytime we need to make a change I have to figure out what snippets will break because we changed a field.

My case use would primarily pull data from Salesforce and then push it to other places.

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