Sample Email Snippet

A simple email snippet with various commands to play around with

Hi {formtext: name=recipient; default=there}, {note}(INVISIBLE NOTE: Try changing the contents of the field.){endnote}

Thank you for your email. Here's my weekly availability for meetings:

{formmenu: name=times; multiple=yes; default=Monday at 9:00am; Tuesday at 4:00pm; Thursday at 3:00pm; Friday at 11:00am}.

{formtoggle: default=no; name=othertime}If none of these times work for you, please let me know and we can figure out another slot.{endformtoggle}

{formparagraph: name=comments; cols=40; rows=5}

Talk to you soon{if: recipient<>"there"} {=recipient}{endif}. {note}(INVISIBLE NOTE: Notice what happens here when you change the contents of the first field.){endnote}