Search variable in repeating list from Datablaze table

I currently have a snippet that shows all properties based on a pre-configured set of options. I would like to create the ability to also have a form at the top of the snippet to customize the list further (like by City).

I tried to add an if statement to the repeat section, but it broke.

Wondering if someone could take a look at this for me and point me in the right direction.

Happy to share snippet if you DM your email.

Example of what this would look like

Example of current code

Hi @Stephanie_Bouldin,

Please share your snippet with me at along with an example of functionality you want to achieve.


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Hi Ashwin. I have shared the folder and datablaze with you. Thank you!!!

On another note, I see that the folder sharing bug still hasn't been fixed. :slightly_frowning_face:
There is still no way to add someone to a shared folder.

To share a folder, you must be its owner. Please let me know if you are the owner and can't share.

I am the owner and I can't share. I reported this as a bug previously - months ago. ;(

Hi Ashwin - The snippet is shared with you in a folder.

Hi @Stephanie_Bouldin,

I have already shared the snippet after making the required changes. Please check your mail.

Regarding the issue with folder-sharing, we are currently investigating the problem. However, please note that Text Blaze does not support the sharing of connected folders as explained here.