Self remove sharing of folder

I would like an option to remove myself from a snippet folder that has been shared with me.

As an example a former coworker shared a folder with me a while ago, but this person no longer uses text blaze or has access to the email the account was created with. So now i am just permanently stuck with a "My sample snippets" folder that he shared with me.

I know i can disable the folder, but that only partly fixes the issue. As the folder is still tied to my account. I regularly disable and enable folders for other purposes, so i would like to have control over the "disabled folder" feature as well.

In short, being able to "opt out" of a folder being shared with me would be a great addition.

If your using Text Blaze Business, an organization Administrator will be able to remove you or delete the folder.

Beyond that though, it would be nice to have something beyond disabling to remove shared folders you've added that you no longer want. We'll think about the best way to do that.