Set Default Font Colour?

In our emails, we like to use a preferred font colour, which is dark blue. Is there a way to set a default font colour across all text blazes?

We're finding when we edit a text blaze, that it will often default to black. Then we need to reset it back to our preferred colour, it loses the link colours. Then you have to colour the links in a lighter blue, because they lose their colour. All a bit messy.

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@Scotus - thanks for the suggestion!

Any idea if and when this might be coming?

I noticed modern snippets were auto enabled (after we'd disabled them). This seems to have reset to font to "black" colour on all the dynamic commands, which is rather frustrating to re-colour again for each message.

Default font setting would be extremely helpful.

Many thanks.

Hey @Scotus,
I am really sorry for the issue.
Yes, we recently reset the setting to encourage users to use new chips.
Can you please help us to understand how the formatting is lost so that we can fix it?

Sure, a few months back we were wondering why the colour kept resetting back to black. It seemed to be around wherever there was a dynamic field. So we disabled modern snippets, and things stopped resetting back to black (we use a dark blue font for emails which just feels less sharp).

I've just investigated further. I'd thought in the past when we edited a snippet, all the dynamic fields within would turn black. However, it seems to be when you double-click the dynamic command/field (in modern format), that this is when it resets the font to black (ignoring the previously set colour style).

If it didn't do that, then we'd possibly re-enable the modern view as it does seem more friendly then straight coding.

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Thanks for the info Scotus! I've tested and reproduced the issue you are reporting.

We'll get it fixed in the next week or two.

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Hey @Scotus,
We have recently fixed the issue and is live today. Can you please check and let us know if you still have the issue (Please make sure you refresh the dashboard if it is already opened).

Appreciate your patience.