Setting the clipboard

I have observed a curious behavior with the clipboard.

Through TB I send with key-press command these two key combinations Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C, to copy everything to the clipboard: {key: ctrl-a}{key: ctrl-c}
(Using the Cmd key doesn't copy anything)

Well, if I then press Ctrl+V, now on Windows, it doesn't paste anything, but if I press Win+V then I see that the info is in the history and I can even paste it.

Why can't I paste with Ctrl+V ?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Josem

Thanks for letting us know. We'll take a look at this.

Until then, quick question: why not use the {clipboard} command to get the clipboard and put it in automatically? Using Ctrl+V might be a bit slower.

As far as TB is concerned, I have only talked about the COPY action.
Then I said that, already in Windows (not with TB), I can't paste.

Thanks @Josem for clarifying the problem, we got it now. We'll check what's the issue asap.

Perfect @Gaurang_Tandon
Thanks a lot!