Setting to "Lock" a Snippet

While typing a lengthy snippet, I inadvertently deleted a chunk of code. It was easy enough to retype (although an undo/redo option would be nice), but it got me thinking... once I have set up my snippet library, it would be extra peace of mind to be able to "lock" each one so there are no accidental changes unless I "unlock" it and intentionally change it. So this would be an option to turn off/on for each individual snippet.

This doesn't really answer your question, but you can back up your snippets to your computer from the import/export panel. This gives you the ability to restore them if you make a mistake.

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Thanks. My workaround was to create a "Copies" folder, duplicate my longest snippets, and then saved to the new folder which I won't touch. That does the trick. :slight_smile:

Thanks @scott for the tip! I cannot believe that I did not think about the export feature before. As my bank of snippets grows, and so does the number of users I share them with, I am starting a daily backup of everything.