Sharing snippet limit


I am searching for specifics for every type of account, and I can't seem to find some information.

I see the Pro plan doubles the snippet sharing amount from the Basic free plan, but it does not state how many.

How many snippets can be shared between Pro accounts?


Hi @nayla,


  • With a Free account, you may share a folder with up to 10 users.
  • With a Pro account, this is doubled to 20 users (per folder).

If you need even more sharing, the Business version is aimed specifically at team collaboration.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hello Cedric!

Thanks for responding, but my question was about the snippets. I am currently using one folder, and I don't think I will need more.

Let's say I use 100 of my 1.000 snippets available on the Pro account. Could I share all those 100 snippets with other Pro accounts?

Thanks again!!

Hi @nayla,

To answer your question directly, if you have 100 snippets in 1 folder, you can share that folder with all its snippets with up to 20 users.

Here's a little more background about sharing, that you might find useful (if you're interested).

There are two types of sharing in Text Blaze:

  1. Sharing of a snippet
  2. Sharing of a folder

When you share just the snippet, you're simply sharing a copy of the snippet on our snippet exchange forum. Whoever has the link to that snippet, can copy it to their dashboard and edit it any way they please without affecting your version.

When you share a folder with someone, you're sharing the whole folder with all of its contents. Moreover, you'll be setting what kind of permissions the other person has. If you give them editing rights, any changes they make to the snippets in that folder will affect everybody else's snippet.

I'm explaining this distinction because, based on what you want to accomplish, you might want to use one method or the other.

With the first method, there are absolutely no limitations on sharing, but of course there's no element of collaboration.

With the second method, you have a limit on the number of users that you can share a folder with. In the case of Pro, that's 20 users. Based on the kind of permissions you give them (and these can be set differently from one user to the other), they will be able to collaborate with you to make the snippets better.

Thanks a lot, Cedric!

This information was much needed!

Many, many thanks :slight_smile:

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