Sharing your love of Text Blaze without scaring people off πŸ˜‚

I became OBSESSED with Text Blaze way before I joined the team. And I've been evangelising about it since day 1, before it ever became my job to do that. The problem is, I tend to go overboard when I talk about it. And unfortunately, sometimes that tends to overwhelm people and scare them off, which is a real shame because I genuinely believe that there's not a single person out there whose life wouldn't be better with TB.

I know many of you here are also avid users of Text Blaze and love to share it with friends and colleagues. Your approach is probably much more measured than mine, but I'd still like to share some tips on how to introduce Text Blaze to people in a way that gets them enthusiastic about it without feeling overwhelmed.

Keep in mind that Text Blaze is super simple to get into, but can be incredibly powerful once you dive into the advanced stuff.

When starting out, a user doesn't need to know about the nuclear-level stuff. Keep it simple. Pick out a phrase that they use all the time, and show them how it can be turned it into a plain text snippet to save a few seconds multiple times per day. No forms, no automation, just plain text.

If they like the idea, share your referral link with them (you can find it in your dashboard under "Account") so they can get a month of Pro for free. But don't get into forms and special commands just yet. Let them lead you with their questions.

Another great way to help new users is to share snippet folders with them. For instance, I have a folder with a bunch of shortcuts for common phrases I use. It's a great help for someone who's just getting started with Text Blaze, because they can jump right in and start benefitting from it without any effort on their part.

Once you see that the person is engaged and enjoying the tool, propose to help them upgrade their snippets with some cool commands.

Again, go in slow. Add a text field here and there. If you find that they need to reuse the contents of that text field, show them how the name setting works. But be sensitive to their pacing. Text Blaze is like a muscle. It takes time for a person to open up to the possibilities.

I know this probably sounds like a lot of work, and @scott will probably whack me on the head next meeting for "giving people homework" :joy:

But the way I see it is, we (the usersβ€”because I'm a user before I'm an employee) share Text Blaze because we love it, and we love it because it has made our lives that much easier. We want that for our friends and colleagues. I feel that the little bit of extra effort it takes me to help new users ease into Text Blaze is all worth it in the end. And it's a genuine joy for me when I meet up with them months later and they're gushing about how much time it has saved them.

I know many of you feel the same way. So I hope this post helps you to make the lives of your friends and colleagues better with Text Blaze :blush: