Short code does not disappear when snippet populates


Hi, I am using Text Blaze for several simple text email templates, and something strange has occurred.

I have been able to use the shortcode to populate my email templates just fine, up until recently (the past week) when the short code started populating with the snippet. I can't seem to find another thread for this. Has anyone else experienced and know of a fix?


It looks like a post was submitted 13 hours ago with the same issue. Thanks to the commentor who described a recent update in Evernote Web Clipper Extension as the issue. I have removed that extension for the time being and, it works!


other post: Snippet short cut is being displayed in my message

@lonergan.johnb @Tori_Scharadin and others who find this thread.

We have developed a Beta version of the extension that should mostly address the issue [1]. We have to add you to a Google Group to give you access. So if you want to use it, email us at and we can grant you access.

Note that since access is controlled by a Google Group, we can only grant access to this Beta version to users with GMail or GSuite email accounts. Also, when you are given access we will occasionally email you updates about new Text Blaze Beta releases.

This is a Beta so of course you may find other issues with it.

[1] It should address the shortcuts not being removed. In addition to this, the current Evernote extension also breaks the {key} replacement command and our fix doesn't resolve that issue. We've reported the issue to the Evernote team and they are looking into it.

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A bit late, but also fun to know I've been using this product for over a year new. Great stuff and have since gone pro with it and I'm building a case to get our team on it. Thanks for you the help!

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