Shortcut to manually exit running snippets and/or loops early

Having the ability to manually break out of loops would be awesome. To exit a snippet flow mid-way if needed. Like some keyboard shortcut that will break the command loop.

I use the following snippet to run commands on a list of IDs, and I just loop through the list and run the command for each user_id. However, if there is any issue during the loop, there is no easy way to stop it currently. Would be a lovely feature. :slight_smile:

{users=split(trim({clipboard}), "\n"); trim=yes}
{message="Command message here."; trim=yes}
{repeat: for user in users; trim=yes}
/command_name id:{=user} message:{=message; trim=yes}
{wait: delay=+1s; trim=yes}{key: enter; trim=yes}{wait: delay=+2s; trim=yes}
{endrepeat: trim=yes}

I second this!