Shortcuts not working intermittently


I frequently have to retype my shortcuts to get them to work, especially if I pause for a moment while typing them. I have read the help section but can't find any answer to the problem. Some earlier posts mention changing the typing speed slider in my dashboard, but looks like that function has been removed.

Any ideas?



Sorry to hear about this problem. Does this happen in websites or just one?

When you say "pause for a moment", could you try to quantify that. E.g. is it a less than a second or several seconds?

I only use it for one website, just for work. I have done a little experimenting and it seems to happen on other websites too. It's random and most of the time it seems like a second or less. I have tried pausing intentionally and it happens all the time if I pause for an extended period, seems like 3 seconds or more.

I will definitely pay more attention to the timing the next time I work.

OK, let us know as you use it more. If the timeout to complete a shortcut is too tight, we can increase it.