Show matching snippets as you type

I would like it if, as you typed, the possible matching snippets came up in a floating list, perhaps with ctl+# shortcuts for insertion. I find that if I forget a shortcut then I have to change windows out of the app I'm working in, go to Text Blaze dashboard, and then search for it. Slow! If the list of possible matching snippets came up as you typed then I'm sure that would make up for most of my bad memory! Thanks.

Hey @Rollin_Tait , welcome to the community!

Good news: this is a feature that we're currently testing. I don't have specifics on roll-out plans yet, but if our testing is successful then it'll be available before too long.

In the meantime, there are 2 other ways that you can find your shortcuts without needing to go to the Text Blaze dashboard:

  1. If you right-click within a text entry box, there should be a Text Blaze option in your right-click menu. (note: this doesn't always appear, depending on the app. If the app takes over the right-click menu with its own options, like Google Docs, it won't appear)

  2. If you're using Chrome, you can open the extension assistant to see your shortcuts. On a mac, the keyboard shortcut for that is command+shift+space. On a PC, it's ctrl+shift+space.