Show us your workstation

Hey everyone,

First topic in this off-topic forum—let's see your workstation!

Here's mine:

My favorite feature is probably the keyboard. I work a lot during the night, so the back lighting really helps, plus it has really low-profile keys (like a laptop's), which makes it easier to type.

So, who's next?

P.S. Please have a quick read through the rules for this forum so we're all on the same page about what kind of place this will be :slight_smile:

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:raising_hand_man:t3: I'll go! I think my favorite feature is running 2 machines on 3 monitors. It's weird for sure, but combining it with remote desktop sessions between each machine, sometimes using multiple desktop sessions on each and also being able to access / control it all from my iPhone with Chrome Remote Desktop makes it pretty darn efficient! Not gonna lie - It's nice being able to go outside and chill, or quickly handle something when I'm away. :nerd_face:

@Brad_Hedinger - whoa that's a BEAST of a setup. Nice!

How do you like the vertical mouse? Do you find it practical? I've been considering one but I've heard mixed reviews. They say it takes a while to get used to, but those who have did, love it.

Thanks! My setup is in a perpetual state of experimentation. Granted, this is in the corner of our master bedroom so space is limited. I am lobbying hard with my wife and daughter make one of other rooms in the house be my workspace. I much space does 1 seven year old really need! LOL!

As for the mouse, LOVE IT!! It took about a week to really get used to it, but since doing so about 2 years ago, it has made a world of difference.

I absolutely feel you. I work out of our sitting room, so zero privacy. Thankfully I can keep fairly focused even if there's chaos around me. But my dream (I think I shared this already) is to convert a van into a mobile office.

About the mouse, what model are you using? Really wanna give it a shot.

Brand: DELUX
Model: M618mini

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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My workstation changes every day, I like the flexibility of being able to move about the house as I work.

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@Christopher_Sauer - One of these days I wanna convert a van into a mobile office.

I've upgraded my workstation! Well, the location actually. Been buried in the Master Bedroom for a couple years now since starting to work from home. We realized that we really never use our Dining Room so my wife, Dana, suggested we try out using that as my office. LOVE IT!!!


Whoa, classy! I've made some upgrades too on my end. Bought a curved 32"" monitor to make my life easier when working on Text Blaze videos, and it's an absolute joy :star_struck:

I've also just purchased a second-hand height-adjustable desk so I can go a bit lower and reduce the strain on my shoulders. Should be getting it tomorrow. Will post pictures when I've got everything set up.