Slack Integration

Would be very useful to be able to integrate TextBlaze as an App on Slack so we can use it there.
Right now we need to use the browser web for Slack which is not the best scenario

I would love this, I was just wondering if I could code something to make this work and was seeing if someone else had already done so because so often I need to report things in the same format for specific channels and this would make it so easy to stay uniform.

I just started using the web version of slack like you mentioned, guess this does work pretty conveniently also. My big thing is, why do I need to put a {space} in front of my commands in slack before Textblaze notices it? For example /refund doesn't get recognized in web slack but if I put a space in front of it then it does. Not a huge deal but if I have to use web to use it with slack it would be nice to remove that.

I believe Slack uses "/" for its own commands which may cause the issue you are seeing. You may want to try a different first character e.g. "." or ";".