Slack Integration

Would be very useful to be able to integrate TextBlaze as an App on Slack so we can use it there.
Right now we need to use the browser web for Slack which is not the best scenario

I would love this, I was just wondering if I could code something to make this work and was seeing if someone else had already done so because so often I need to report things in the same format for specific channels and this would make it so easy to stay uniform.

I just started using the web version of slack like you mentioned, guess this does work pretty conveniently also. My big thing is, why do I need to put a {space} in front of my commands in slack before Textblaze notices it? For example /refund doesn't get recognized in web slack but if I put a space in front of it then it does. Not a huge deal but if I have to use web to use it with slack it would be nice to remove that.

I believe Slack uses "/" for its own commands which may cause the issue you are seeing. You may want to try a different first character e.g. "." or ";".

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We actually have a need for this, but even changing the lead character from a "/" doesn't seem to solve it in the app itself, I assume because it's not being used in browser. Are there any plans (or does it exist) to make an app to add into Slack proper so that it can be used in the Slack App?

Hi, and welcome to the forum Meg! :slight_smile:

Text Blaze works in the web version of Slack.

It doesn't work work outside Chrome for now, but we hope to add that in the future.

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Adding a +1 to this - would love to see TextBlaze work in the desktop Slack Application! There are some common forms we fill out cross-departmentally in our workflows that would be convenient as a TB rather than copying and pasting from a pinned post.... alongside canned responses and links to common questions.


Would also LOVE to see this. It would be a game changer.

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Hey @Whit_Walker , welcome to the community! We plan to support it but we do not have any ETA at the moment.

If you're interested in trying out the pre-launch desktop Text Blaze apps (when they are ready), consider filling this form:

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YES! Please.

Hey @anon64752788 ! what kind of an integration are you looking for/

@anon64752788 Hey! I use TB Windows App in Slack and it works like a dream. Or, if you are using Slack in a Chromium browser, the extension works very well too. Happy to help you if need be.

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I've just added Text Blaze to me Google Chrome extensions to test and it works with Slack but only if you use it via Chrome.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this is good news for you!

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Textblaze also has Windows App. So if you are having Windows, you can use Textblaze in Slack Desktop application too.


Quick update on this thread: Text Blaze is now available both as a Windows app and also as a macOS app. Both of them should work with the desktop version of Slack. You can get them from these links:

Windows: Text Blaze: Snippets and Templates for Windows

macOS: Text Blaze: Snippets and Templates for macOS

If you need help installing these apps, feel free to reply here. If you are looking for another specific integration with Slack, feel free to create a new topic in Feature Ideas - Text Blaze Community :slightly_smiling_face:

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