Snippet "Any Date"

This snippet allows you to specify any date and use Text Blaze's time formatting functionality to render it in any way.


Enter any FUTURE date you wish, keeping the existing format.
Default shows today's date.

Day:{formtext: name=day; default={time:DD}; width=2}

Month: {formtext: name=month; default={time:MM}; width=2}

Year: {formtext: name=year; default={time:YYYY}; width=4}


None of the above will show up

{time: dddd, Do MMMM, YYYY; shift={=shft}} {note}<<< This is what will show up{endnote}

Here are a few other variations:

{time: ddd, Do MMM, YYYY; shift={=shft}}
{time: dddd, MMMM Do, YYYY; shift={=shft}}
{time: MMM-DD, YYYY; shift={=shft}}
{time: MM/DD/YY; shift={=shft}}
{time: DD/MM/YY; shift={=shft}}

Find more formatting options here:{endnote}