Snippet command added at the end of snippet


Firstly, thank you so much for this incredible extension - it's saved me hours of time!

I had a quick question regarding snippets - occasionally, when I type a command, such as /o, the snippet is inserted with the command (for example, o) at the end. Please could you advise how I could fix this?

Thanks so much!

Hi Sophie, welcome to the forum. Glad to hear TB is making a marked difference in your life :slight_smile:

Can you tell me a bit more about the issue please? Does it happen only on certain websites, or on every website? Can you find a way to trigger the issue consistently?

Hi, thanks for your reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

It's happening when I use Gmail and reply to emails. Sadly I can't work out a way to trigger the issue consistently, but it happens fairly frequently across all of different commands.

@Sophie_Green - by any chance, does it happen when you pause while typing the shortcut?

Same thing happens to me with auto text expander extension, always on some sites and sporadically on others. Never found out why, so I just backspace the number of times needed to delete the repeated characters. Annoying, but I live with it.

Hi @Richard_Kalfaian, welcome to the forum.

Same question as above - by any chance, does it happen when you pause while typing the shortcut?

Hi Cedric, apologies for my delay in replying! It looks like it only happens on shortcuts that pop up to choose an option from the dropdown menu. I've tried changing the speed in the settings, but sadly I'm still noticing the error. Hope you can help!

Hi @Sophie_Green, no worries.

Please send an email to and put "attn: Cedric " in the subject line. I think it'll be easier if we jump on a call :slight_smile: