Snippet display format

so, I started using TB for my at my work have a very very long snippet, I would like the form displayed in the pop up be more orderly (separate sections) but put them back all together as one paragraph when inserting the snippet. I have them all continuous right now but when inputting information, it can look chaotic. deal to the unsupported of `` i cant post the snippet here. Unable to publish unlisted either because the snippet is too long. Body is limited 32000 and I entered a whooping 70437!

Hi @Felix - have you seen this "Tyding white space" guide"? What often works for me is adding an empty note, with a trim setting. Like this:

Some text
{note: trim=left}

More text

At the end when I insert the snippet it would have no extra spaces this way? what if I still want spacing for normal sentence?

thanks this has made a huge improvement to the user-friendliness of my snippet