Snippet not updating!

Hi Cedric,
Please see side by side screenshot of the Text.Blaze interface on my computer, if you notice, I have highlighted the word Engineering on left in the browser page UI of text.blaze AND also highlighted the word Science on right in the Extension pop window UI of text.blaze on my chrome browser.(Macbook Pro) Seems it is study and not getting updates... dont know if this is a bug or error in code. I tried refreshing the browser, it is still not updating.
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Hi @Saravanan_Padua_Yell

Could you please try reloading your extension?

GIF - Reload Extension

Just right click anywhere to open the context menu and follow the steps in the animation above.

Let me know if that works.

Yes it was, perfect after, refreshing the extension.. Thanks a ton

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Always a pleasure :slightly_smiling_face:

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