Snippet pastes email address of the recipient

Hello guys,

I have an interesting issue here. When I enter the shortcut of the snippet in our work email client which runs on Chrome, the form opens and I put the name to the field and click on insert and it copies the last info on the memory (like if I copy the recipient's email just before running snippet, it copies the email address when I click insert after filling out the name field.) Any idea why it behaves like that. It does the same with the snippets that I newly created. The older snippets work fine. Also I don't have the same issue when I try somewhere else like Gmail.

Thank you!


Hey Altin,

Can you share the snippet's setup / code here? You can just copy all of the contents of the snippet out of the Dashboard and paste it in a reply here.

To have it formatted correctly, click this option and then paste the contents in the appropriate spot:

Paste the contents here:

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 2.14.06 PM

Hey Altin, just for more clarification to add to what Andrew asked for.

Are you saying that it inserts the wrong data into your email client? For example, instead of inserting the name that you put into the form, it inserts the email address which was only on your clipboard.

Or, are you saying that in your macOS clipboard manager, the previous email address clipboard entry shows up a second time.

What is the name of your email client? If it's freely available, we can try it out as well.