Snippets double pasting

Hi, often (often enough that it is an issue), Text Blaze will double fill fields on websites.

So instead of it posts

Using the Chrome Extension

Happens seemingly randomly. I need to clear my browser to get it to go to normal, but this is REALLY INCONVENIENT. What am I doing wrong, please? Thanks

Hi Brian!

Welcome to the Text Blaze community :partying_face:

Are you using one of our desktop apps? If so, please check the settings of the app to make sure that it's set to:

Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 8.44.32 AM

Thanks for getting back so fast. Yes, my desktop is set as you have shown (was set before you said to check-no change)

Hi @Brian_Walker,

Can you please let us know on which website/s, you are facing double trigger? For now, you can keep the setting as always disabled in Chrome to resolve the issue.

Hi @Dylan,

I am also having issues with snippets double pasting in Talkdesk, our company's phone system. This started a few weeks ago; before that, all snippets were pasting correctly in Talkdesk. It's not currently all snippets that are double pasting, just a few. No issues on any other sites.

I have tried deleting and recreating the affected snippets and it is still happening. I have cleared my browser cookies/cache and it's still happening.

I am not using the desktop app, just the chrome extension, so the above troubleshooting doesn't help.

Any ideas?

Hi Alyssa, I have responded to your email in our support.

If any other user reading this post is also affected with this issue on Talkdesk, please email us at and we can provide workarounds and further steps.