Snippets Missing from Text Blaze Quick Toolbar


I used to be able to right-click a text box, go down to the text blaze toolbar and see all of my folders listed, now I only see 10 in total as opposed to the 24 that I have. I compared my list to a teammates and there's seems to be working as intended. I own all the folders that my team uses so I should be able to see them in the toolbar. Furthermore, it seems that one of the folders that I can view shows the contents as empty but there are snippets in the folder when I view it through the Dashboard.

Troubleshoot attempts:

  • reloaded extension

  • sign in/sign out

  • removed extension and redownloaded

Comparison pics:

Hi Justin, sorry to hear about this issue.

Do the snippets that are missing from the context menu show up in the assistant (the popup window that shows up when you click the Text Blaze icon in the Chrome toolbar)?

Yes! They do.

Hi Justin,

Sorry, I am having trouble reproducing this issue. Is it still going on for you even after a log-out/log-in?

Yes. The issue is still present after logging in and out.