Snippets not inserting text in Salesforce chat

Hey there!

Have a weird issue, I’ll try to explain.

In Salesforce we utilize a chat feature that shows up as a pop-up tab within the salesforce case. When we enter a snippet to initiate the chat the snippet expands and shows up in the new message text box however the shortcut is sent and not the expanded message.

I hope this makes sense!

Sorry to hear that!

Would it be possible to provide steps on how to find the field in Salesforce? SFDC is quite a big platform and I am not sure where to locate it.

Also the styling also doesn't look like the normal SFDC styling. Is it custom salesforce styling for your org or is this chat widget part of an App Exchange app?

Unfortunately I don’t know exactly how they implemented the chat feature. Our implementation of SF is highly customized. However we did find a work around. If the user adds any text after activating the snippet it will send everything normally.

@Peter_Monterubio Salesforce can be a little interesting, especially if you are on the Lightning Experience. One thing I had to do for our team was intentionally insert a number of “wait” functions, with varying intervals of wait time, into snippets to allow for Salesforce to catch up with the snippet and any AutoPilot functions coded into the snippets. Another thing to consider may be what key you are using to trigger your snippets. The default in TB is the “/“ key. However, in SF, that is the hot key to return your cursor to the Global Search field. And that too depends on what page you are on! Hope the workaround you found is going well. Feel welcome to message me or tag me for any SF and TB questions!


Can you also try adding a {key:tab} at then end of a snippet and see if that fixes the issue?

It may force the chat widget to recognize the changes.

@Peter_Monterubio, @Brad_Hedinger - on a sidenote, should we maybe create a Salesforce thread on this forum? If there are other people using TB with Salesforce, it might come in handy. What do you think?

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That would depend on what the Developer has set the Tab key to do. My experience with SF is that out of the box, the Tab key moves to the next selectable field. I am guessing looking at the screenshot provided that the "Start Chatting" button will change names and functions once something is done like selecting an item from the "Select a Case" dropdown menu or typing in the "Description of Full Issue" field.

@Peter_Monterubio. Could you perhaps make a video of your process so we can see exactly what is happening?

I think its a great idea, @Cedric_Debono_Blaze!

@Brad_Hedinger, @Peter_Monterubio - I've created a dedicated thread here: Using Text Blaze with Salesforce - Questions, Tips, Snippets and Advice

Of course, please keep the current conversation in this thread so it doesn't get fragmented. But for anything else related to Salesforce+Text Blaze, you can now post in the dedicated thread.


Thanks so much @Cedric_Debono_Blaze! This will be super useful as more teams are ramping up their use of TB in their workflows.


@Peter_Monterubio, unfortunately I don't use Salesforce, so I'm gonna be depending on you to be the pioneering force for that thread :slight_smile:

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