Using Text Blaze with Salesforce - Questions, Tips, Snippets and Advice

Hi all,

It seems we have quite a few people in our community using Text Blaze with Salesforce, so I've decided to create a dedicated thread here.

If you have any questions, tips or snippets related to using Text Blaze with Salesforce, please share them here for the benefit of the community.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


A revisit to the bane of my existence extractregex. I’m trying to narrow down this element (the case number) using it’s selector. I’m a bit confused as this is what comes up when copying the selector.

#middleColumn-991 > slot > slot > slot > flexipage-component2:nth-child(1) > slot > records-lwc-highlights-panel > records-lwc-record-layout > forcegenerated-highlightspanel_case___0125w000000ge43aag___compact___view___recordlayout2 > force-highlights2 > div.highlights.slds-clearfix.slds-page-header.slds-page-header_record-home > div.slds-grid.primaryFieldRow > div.slds-grid.slds-col.slds-has-flexi-truncate > div.slds-media__body > h1 > slot > slot > lightning-formatted-text

Any advice on how to format my site selector and extractregex?


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Hi @Peter_Monterubio - I'm not exactly a wizard with extractregex, but I'll try my best.

Let's take it a step at a time. Show me the snippet please (or at least the part where you're querying the selector).

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Lol, I was overthinking it and realized with my selector I no longer needed my extractregex since the selector was pointing directly to the element I was trying to grab.


Glad it's solved :blush:

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@scott - I remember once you told me that there's a better way to reference selectors. Maybe this one can be simplified too?

Sharing some Salesforce snippets my team uses, at the request of @cole.hamilton. Our snippets always start by the user ensuring their cursor is clicked on the "Subject" field of the Salesforce case.

Hope this helps!

STARTDATE ERTA to Bump{key:tab}
{key:backspace}The following student would like to Bump to StartDate ProgCode

  1. Educational Reason Code:
  2. Detailed reason given by student: {wait: delay=.1s}{key:tab}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:downarrow}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:enter}{key:tab}{key:tab}{click}{key:s}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:t}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:u}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:d}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:e}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:n}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:t}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:downarrow}{key:downarrow}{key:enter}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{click}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:t}{key:r}{key:i}{key:a}{key:l}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:enter}{key:ctrl-s; mac=cmd-s}

TERM CW{key:tab}
{key:backspace}Time Off Reason:
Instructor Communication (What was discussed?):
VA funding: No/Yes
Time Off Term(s):
Return Term:
Course Code(s):
Course Section(s):
Current Term Course Access: Yes/No
Best #:
BTC: {wait: delay=.3s}{key:tab}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:downarrow}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:enter}{key:tab}{key:tab}{click}{key:s}{key:t}{key:u}{key:enter}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{click}{key:enter}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:c}{key:o}{key:u}{key:r}{key:s}{key:e}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:downarrow}{key:downarrow}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:enter}{key:ctrl-s; mac=cmd-s}

{key:tab}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:rightarrow}{key:enter}Emailed.....{time: M}/{time: D} at {time: h}:{time: mm}{time: A}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:ctrl-s; mac=cmd-s}

{key:ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a}({time: M/D; shift=+2D} Drop) 21-day MIA Review{wait: delay=.1s}{key:tab}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a}{key:rightarrow}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:enter}Potential Change:
Drop Date: {time: M/D; shift=+1D} at 11:59pmEST


Hi @Brad_Hedinger, thanks for sharing these great examples.

Just a quick tip about the date/time part. There's a more streamlined way to do it:

Your version:
{time: M}/{time: D} at {time: h}:{time: mm} {time: A}

Streamlined version:

{time: M/D [at] h:mm A}

The square brackets are for any text you want to insert, in my case "at".

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Anyone have tips about hot-keys or shortcuts within Salesforce Lightning that are not part of what is listed in the "View Keyboard Shortcuts" menu I have screenshoted below?

Hi @Brad_Hedinger,

Could you clarify what you're trying to achieve please?

Sure! Sorry for the delay - Was out on vacation. Salesforce and Text Blaze can work very well together, but there is zero room for error; This I find is due to the unpredictability that exists with Salesforce page load times. I have to be extremely specific with coding wait times and characters in snippets so that the intended snippet functions are carried out. For example, I can code a snipped to press the "e" key to open a Salesforce Case for editing, but only if the page load process is executed within a certain amount of time. Otherwise, the snippet may fire the "e" command in a place within the Case that does not accept a hot-key entry to perform a function. There are pop up messages that Salesforce presents when certain records or screens are loaded, and those pop ups automatically disappear after a few seconds. But, for those brief seconds, the cursor is focused on that pop up element so firing the "e" key does nothing. I find that my snippets end up being quite extensive so as to automate user clicks and key commands in the right places at the right times.

Given that elaboration, I am asking if anyone has knowledge of any Salesforce hot keys other than what is listed within my screenshot. I know they exist, as I stumble on them from time to time. Hoping maybe someone has knowledge of these hidden gems that could perhaps help my design better snippets.


Apparently there's a way to create your own custom keyboard shortcuts in the Salesforce console. Not sure how much help this is:

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Thank you @Cedric_Debono_Blaze. Definietely custom shortcuts can be created at the SF Admin level within my tenant. My hope was/is to see if any users have stumbled across shortcuts that are present, but may not nevessarially be listed Keyboard Shortcuts menu. Involving SF Admins & Developers is more than I want to get in to at this time. Thanks though! I truly appreciate how responsive and supportive you are to this community. You rock!

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You're welcome @Brad_Hedinger. Wish I could've done more :slight_smile:

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I would like to create a snippet that copies the 'description' field content, then sends a mail to a team (always the same mail) and says please handle.
Basically, I'm asking how to:

  1. instruct text blaze to copy the field content
  2. Paste the email in the recipient tab.

Can you please instruct me? New to Text Blaze :slight_smile:

@roy_vaixel Welcome to Text Blaze! You’re gonna love it here. You pose an interesting question. Let’s see if we can figure this out together. Text Blaze cannot perform “copy/paste” commands. However, there may be a solution that could extract the contents of the Description field and make them available in your email. A few questions for you:

  1. What email service are you using?

  2. Is your Description field located in a Case or Opportunity?

3 What version of Text Blaze are you using? Basic, Pro or Business?

Happy Blazing!

Hi @Brad_Hedinger, thanks for the reply.
To answer your questions:

  1. Sending all emails via Salesforce Lightning.
  2. Working with cases only.
  3. Using Pro

I saw from your examples above that you are using the mouse to click fields or tabs then ctrl+a so it looks possible, just add ctrl+c send the mouse cursor to another place and ctrl+v

I would also love to be able to copy the customer name from the contacts field instead of doing it manually every time

@roy_vaixel Text Blaze cannot perform system commands such as Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v. However, since you are in Lightning and emailing exclusively through the case, you can use the Salesforce merge field code to insert the case description contents directly into your email. The code is {{{case.description}}}. You simply type that into the body of your email and when you send it, the code will be replaced with the case description contents for the recipient to read. That’s likely the most smooth way to do it. There is a way with Text Blaze using some RegEx coding, but, because you can, may not mean that it’s the most ideal solution.

I hope this helps! Forgive me if you are already familiar with SF merge fields. Otherwise, if you’d like to chat more about them and even explore some cool ways to use TB with SF, let me know!

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@Brad_Hedinger Thank you so much that helped me reach my goal for now,
Maybe you have the full code list of salesforce? I would like to use some more of those


Apologies for just now seeing this message Roy. I'll see if there's anything I can bounce your way regarding Salesforce codes.