Using Text Blaze with Salesforce - Questions, Tips, Snippets and Advice

Hi all,

It seems we have quite a few people in our community using Text Blaze with Salesforce, so I've decided to create a dedicated thread here.

If you have any questions, tips or snippets related to using Text Blaze with Salesforce, please share them here for the benefit of the community.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


A revisit to the bane of my existence extractregex. I’m trying to narrow down this element (the case number) using it’s selector. I’m a bit confused as this is what comes up when copying the selector.

#middleColumn-991 > slot > slot > slot > flexipage-component2:nth-child(1) > slot > records-lwc-highlights-panel > records-lwc-record-layout > forcegenerated-highlightspanel_case___0125w000000ge43aag___compact___view___recordlayout2 > force-highlights2 > div.highlights.slds-clearfix.slds-page-header.slds-page-header_record-home > div.slds-grid.primaryFieldRow > div.slds-grid.slds-col.slds-has-flexi-truncate > div.slds-media__body > h1 > slot > slot > lightning-formatted-text

Any advice on how to format my site selector and extractregex?


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Hi @Peter_Monterubio - I'm not exactly a wizard with extractregex, but I'll try my best.

Let's take it a step at a time. Show me the snippet please (or at least the part where you're querying the selector).

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Lol, I was overthinking it and realized with my selector I no longer needed my extractregex since the selector was pointing directly to the element I was trying to grab.


Glad it's solved :blush:

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@scott - I remember once you told me that there's a better way to reference selectors. Maybe this one can be simplified too?

Sharing some Salesforce snippets my team uses, at the request of @cole.hamilton. Our snippets always start by the user ensuring their cursor is clicked on the "Subject" field of the Salesforce case.

Hope this helps!

STARTDATE ERTA to Bump{key:tab}
{key:backspace}The following student would like to Bump to StartDate ProgCode

  1. Educational Reason Code:
  2. Detailed reason given by student: {wait: delay=.1s}{key:tab}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:downarrow}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:enter}{key:tab}{key:tab}{click}{key:s}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:t}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:u}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:d}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:e}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:n}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:t}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:downarrow}{key:downarrow}{key:enter}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{click}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:t}{key:r}{key:i}{key:a}{key:l}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:enter}{key:ctrl-s; mac=cmd-s}

TERM CW{key:tab}
{key:backspace}Time Off Reason:
Instructor Communication (What was discussed?):
VA funding: No/Yes
Time Off Term(s):
Return Term:
Course Code(s):
Course Section(s):
Current Term Course Access: Yes/No
Best #:
BTC: {wait: delay=.3s}{key:tab}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:downarrow}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:enter}{key:tab}{key:tab}{click}{key:s}{key:t}{key:u}{key:enter}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:tab}{key:tab}{key:tab}{click}{key:enter}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:c}{key:o}{key:u}{key:r}{key:s}{key:e}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:downarrow}{key:downarrow}{wait: delay=.3s}{key:enter}{key:ctrl-s; mac=cmd-s}

{key:tab}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:rightarrow}{key:enter}Emailed.....{time: M}/{time: D} at {time: h}:{time: mm}{time: A}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:ctrl-s; mac=cmd-s}

{key:ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a}({time: M/D; shift=+2D} Drop) 21-day MIA Review{wait: delay=.1s}{key:tab}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:ctrl-a; mac=cmd-a}{key:rightarrow}{wait: delay=.1s}{key:enter}Potential Change:
Drop Date: {time: M/D; shift=+1D} at 11:59pmEST


Hi @Brad_Hedinger, thanks for sharing these great examples.

Just a quick tip about the date/time part. There's a more streamlined way to do it:

Your version:
{time: M}/{time: D} at {time: h}:{time: mm} {time: A}

Streamlined version:

{time: M/D [at] h:mm A}

The square brackets are for any text you want to insert, in my case "at".

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Anyone have tips about hot-keys or shortcuts within Salesforce Lightning that are not part of what is listed in the "View Keyboard Shortcuts" menu I have screenshoted below?

Hi @Brad_Hedinger,

Could you clarify what you're trying to achieve please?

Sure! Sorry for the delay - Was out on vacation. Salesforce and Text Blaze can work very well together, but there is zero room for error; This I find is due to the unpredictability that exists with Salesforce page load times. I have to be extremely specific with coding wait times and characters in snippets so that the intended snippet functions are carried out. For example, I can code a snipped to press the "e" key to open a Salesforce Case for editing, but only if the page load process is executed within a certain amount of time. Otherwise, the snippet may fire the "e" command in a place within the Case that does not accept a hot-key entry to perform a function. There are pop up messages that Salesforce presents when certain records or screens are loaded, and those pop ups automatically disappear after a few seconds. But, for those brief seconds, the cursor is focused on that pop up element so firing the "e" key does nothing. I find that my snippets end up being quite extensive so as to automate user clicks and key commands in the right places at the right times.

Given that elaboration, I am asking if anyone has knowledge of any Salesforce hot keys other than what is listed within my screenshot. I know they exist, as I stumble on them from time to time. Hoping maybe someone has knowledge of these hidden gems that could perhaps help my design better snippets.


Apparently there's a way to create your own custom keyboard shortcuts in the Salesforce console. Not sure how much help this is:

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Thank you @Cedric_Debono_Blaze. Definietely custom shortcuts can be created at the SF Admin level within my tenant. My hope was/is to see if any users have stumbled across shortcuts that are present, but may not nevessarially be listed Keyboard Shortcuts menu. Involving SF Admins & Developers is more than I want to get in to at this time. Thanks though! I truly appreciate how responsive and supportive you are to this community. You rock!

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You're welcome @Brad_Hedinger. Wish I could've done more :slight_smile: